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Stuart's Blog 7: Secret Sauce

Unlike some professions, I don’t believe that a dentist can just read about procedures or techniques in order to understand and apply them. Without practising and learning in person, it’s nothing more than theory.

For this reason, in 2022 alone our dentists have travelled to Birmingham, Ireland (twice), Manchester, Salford, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham and London so that we can learn the very latest techniques… direct from the very best dental teaching centres.

This often means that our dentists have to spend many hours on the road, take unpaid days off work, take days away from their families, cancel or postpone holidays in order to learn and develop their skills.

If the best centre for teaching a particular technique that we want to introduce to Loanhead happens to be in Leicester then …that’s where we will go.

This is also true in the restaurant business.

Michelin Starred Chef - the late Charlie Trotter - would close his restaurant in the winter for at least one month. You might assume he took a break in the winter due to food costs, business levels, or just time off to re-charge.

However, the real reason was that he and his team would go to the source of the best global ingredients and to the kitchens of the best Chefs so that they could spend time learning new recipes from the masters’ hands versus only books.

This is exactly how we feel new skills should be introduced to our practice.

Our ethos is that we treat you as we ourselves would want to be treated, and that means that our patients should have access to the best dental treatment available within the four walls of our practice.

In 2022, we just don’t think it’s acceptable to only offer outdated treatment options or patch-up dentistry …there is so much that we can do now to improve the life of our patients and our patients should have access to this technology if they choose.

The moral of the story: As professionals we must make the time, effort, and sacrifice to travel to the best centres…. if we want to learn the latest and the best techniques… so that we can bring them into our practice.

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