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We offer general dentistry for the whole family at Loanhead Dental Practice. Every space in our practice is designed to give you a pleasant and comfortable experience.


We offer general dentistry for the whole family. We care about you and the health of your smile, and our ethos is one of prevention. Our dentists will monitor your teeth frequently and our hygienists will ensure a healthy and clean smile.


As a practice we are committed to prevention. We have a highly skilled team of specialist dentists, general dentists and hygienists on site whose combined goal is to prevent oral heath issues in our patients. 

We do this through education, advice and building relationships to ensure that your dental health is maintained for life.

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Loanhead Dental patient

Our patients are always smiling!


We listen to you so we know where you’ve been and where you would like to go on your dental journey.


Whether it's a straighter, whiter or more healthy smile, we can help you get there.

Hear it for yourself.

Welcome to Loanhead Dental Practice
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