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Stuart Campbell Dentist DENTIST Midlothian Loanhead Scotland


Welcome to Loanhead Dental Practice referral page which aims to provide existing and prospective referring dentists with more information regarding the services we provide.

Submit your referral or request a referral pack below.

Loanhead Dental Practice is delighted to accept referrals for Specialist Prosthodontics and Specialist Orthodontics.


Dr Stuart Campbell is a GDC registered Specialist in Prosthodontics and accepts referrals from colleagues for Prosthodontic and Restorative dentistry including;

Dental implants 
   Crown and Bridgework 
Aesthetic dentistry including porcelain veneers 
Management of patients with tooth wear 
Conventional and implant dentures 


Dr Abdullah Alkalaly is a GDC registered Specialist in Orthodontics and accepts referrals from colleagues for Orthodontic treatment including;


Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed Ceramic Braces 



 Stuart and Abdullah work very closely together to ensure the best care for patients who require joint SpecialistRestorative and Orthodontic treatments.

We like to openly encourage clinicians to become involved in the care of their referred patients. If you would like to discuss a case, please call email or visit the practice. 

Hear from one of our referring dentists

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