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Membership Plans

At Loanhead Dental Practice, we want to ensure that quality dental treatment is available to all. We offer affordable membership plans to all patients who prefer to spread the cost of routine dental treatment.

Loanhead Dental Membership Plan

Our Membership Plan is designed for our patients who wish to maintain their oral health whilst offering a simple, flexible way to spread the cost of their private dental care.


Please note: if you have not been allocated a dental provider by someone from our team, please contact us to confirm before completing the online registration 

DENTIST Midlothian Loanhead Scotland

With our Dental Maintenance Plan you will benefit from:

Examinations by your dentist each year, including oral cancer screening
X-rays that are required as part of these examinations, or for on-going care
Hygiene appointments as required
Emergency assessment of any dental pain throughout the year, plus any temporary treatment required that can be carried out at your practice during normal surgery hours
All treatment planning for your future dental needs
Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Support

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