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Stuart's Blog 8 : Scottish Cup Final

We are privileged at Loanhead Dental Practice to have established strong links with Heart of Midlothian FC.

Founded in 1874 ‘Hearts’ are the oldest club in Edinburgh.

Taking inspiration from the arts, the club were named after the novel ‘Heart of Midlothian’ by Sir Walter Scott. The Hearts crest is also based on

the Heart of Midlothian mosaic on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

The very definition of a cultured club 😁.

Hearts also happen to be the largest fan-owned club in the U.K. and are therefore a fantastic community club.

They have supported Loanhead Dental Practice in several of our endeavours over the years.

I am sure that Hearts CEO Ann Budge is an extremely busy person. I have been fortunate enough to meet Ann several times. During those meetings, I was always struck by her absence of ego and willingness to give her time freely. She happily appeared as a guest on a dental podcast that I co-host. Ann also supported and promoted Dr Ryan Stewart and myself when we ran the length of Scotland. This attitude permeates throughout Heart of Midlothian. By way of example, the club have provided us with hospitality facilities - at short notice - for dental education courses we have hosted and donated memorabilia for charities that we have supported. These visits are always accompanied with a smile and a 'nice to see you again'

Company culture is set by a leader and it is clear to me that Hearts take their lead from Ann.

Having a team with shared beliefs and values is critical.

Values are important because they guide our beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. Without clear shared values we wander independently and contradict each other. Everything becomes more difficult when we pull in different directions.

In this regard, Ann certainly has been an influence on me and how our organisation works as a team.

We would therefore like to wish Hearts the very best of luck in the 2022 Scottish Cup Final against Rangers on Saturday. Whatever happens - we consider Hearts a team of Champions.

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