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Stuart's Blog 4 : Shared Care

Updated: May 13, 2022

Shared Care

Our ethos in the practice is "to treat our patients as we would want to be treated"

We also subscribe to the Canadian physician Sir William Ostler's mantra... "never treat a stranger"

We want to know our patients, take an interest in them, understand their priorities, understand their expectations for dentistry and respect their budget and their boundaries.

Without this knowledge it would seem impossible to provide advice ...let alone healthcare that is appropriate for that individual.

We also have a duty to use this knowledge to recommend treatment and advice that we as professionals believe are in the best interests of our patient.

We then work as a team with our patient - to deliver what we believe is the best dentistry for them.

That is health-CARE and that is how I would want to be treated.

Blog No. 4

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