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Stuart's Blog 2 : Dental Education

Updated: May 13, 2022

Dental Education

I was recently talking to a friend and colleague who happens to be a Specialist Orthodontist and we were reminiscing about our student days.

I qualified as a dentist from the University of Dundee back in 2001… Manchester City had just been relegated from the English Premier League, the first Harry Potter movie was the most popular film of the year…and Shaggy - remember him -had the biggest hit of the year with “it wasn’t me” …or “it wiznae me” as it was known in Dundee

After we finished recalling our student antics, my friend asked me..

“What skills that you learned as a dental student do you still use routinely in your practice today ?”

This question did cause me to pause for thought …There are some skills I learned then that I still use … like administering local anaesthetic and providing relief from pain.

However, the point he was making was that the technology in dentistry is evolving so rapidly that the traditional dental school teachings are now largely obsolete.

Never before have we seen such a rapid technological shift in dentIstry… Digital Technology, Guided Dental Implants, Smile design software and Clear aligners have really transformed what we can do for out patients.

I firmly believe that it’s crucially important that we offer these services to our patients by investing in both our technology and in our training.

Over the past two weeks, I have spent 3 days at the Campbell Dental academy (no relation) in Nottingham and 3 days at Ivoclar dental HQ in Leicester.

I’ve been learning about oral surgery, hydrophilic dental implants and how to 3D print removable dentures.

This has been hugely exciting and I am delighted to bring these techniques into Loanhead dental practice...

The important thing to realise though … is we must be continually moving forward “Sempre Avanti “…as they say in Italy

BLOG No. 2

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