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Stuart's blog 1: Waiting room

Updated: May 13, 2022

Our waiting room…

When we designed the waiting room of the practice building, it was designed to provide you with a comfortable, modern space that we ourselves would want to be in…essentially fulfilling our ethos …which is… to treat you as we would want to be treated.

We spent considerable time and effort remodelling the practice in late 2019 ….and then ...Covid hit

The intended ambience of the waiting room changed a bit with covid… and the masks… and having to dunk your hands in a vat of alcohol gel every time you entered the building…but still, almost every day I’m in the practice, the waiting room gives me a massive thrill... I love it !

I usually enter the waiting room as I pass into my surgery from the office and then I see someone I know, who I’ve known for 2 or 3... or 21 years and we stop and have a chat about what’s going on with them and what’s going on with us (and at the moment they say "ooo" and "ahhh" and "your practice is lovely"… but that won’t last forever).

The point is that we care and we believe that having these relationships with our patients is healthy … this is supposed to be healthcare after all.

I don’t really want to treat someone I don’t know and so I need to have a little bit of time to be able to find out who you are and what you need..this is to see if I or my team are the right people to help you.

For this reason you will not get a 5 minute "check up" at Loanhead… we allocate sufficient time to ALL of our patients during our Oral Health Assessments to get to know you and understand your priorities.

We don’t get it right every single time, but we get it right a lot of the time… and when we do those people that we meet for the first time become those people that I see and stop and chat to when I walk through the waiting room every single day.

BLOG No. 1

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